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Johnny Get The Gun – Never Far From What We Know

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Johnny Get The Gun – Never Far From What We Know

NAME: Johnny Get The Gun
EP: Never Far From What We Know
DATE: 24January2011

LABEL: Self-released


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Impressive. Now bloody buy it.

LOCATION: Grays, Essex

LINE UP: Wayne Lightowler (vocals), Jack Lawson (guitar), Jow Williams (Bass), Jamie Abela (drums)

Johnny Get the gun old.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: I sat down with a nagging determination to not like this new EP from Johnny Get The Gun. My prejudices were out on both shoulders, whispering retrospectively that I had outgrown this “inferior” punk-pop associated with my early teens. But, almost instantly, any discrimination was deserted as my focus drew to the instant seduction of opening track ‘Good As It Gets’.

With textbook Green Day guitars, it is vocalist Wayne Lightowler who ignites the gunpowder that provides a blast of instant magnetism, captivating the listener with his versatile howl and impassioned melodies. ‘Hills and Knives’ concedes to the advance of energy unleashed on the first track, with contrastive dynamics and a gradual build-up to a commanding chorus.

Third track ‘Lead Hearts’ lacks the grace of its predecessors. Despite drummer Jamie Abela unleashing his metal influences in a medley of double-bass rolls and pivotal fills, the vocals appear rushed, and the afore seamless aural layers feel fractured as individualistic efforts do not seem to blend fully as a unit.

‘In The Middle’ quickly brings JGTG back on course, with an extension of Lightowler’s engaging melodies. Soaring above palm-muted guitars in the verse, his dynamic delivery then scores an autocue for stadium sized participation come the chorus. Ultimate track ‘Take It’ finds its footing when the distortion pedals are struck, where yet more blistering power chords pave the way for a welcomed down-tempo middle 8, even despite the unnecessary stress caused by the first vocal wail, which hints that Chris Martin had somehow snuck his was onto the EP.

This is more than a punk-pop band of yesteryear’s, this is a band that have spent three years crafting their sound, and combining their varied influences to present you with an eminent approach to mainstream rock. In the words of Sum 41 (this is that early teen thing I’m trying to block out), they really aren’t far off being All Killer, No Filler.

SOUNDS LIKE: You Me At Six, Young Guns, All Time Low

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like your pop, you like your rock – you like a bit of rocky poppy rock. Or you like Essex guys?


Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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