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Julius Way – The Slow Death of Julius Way

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Julius Way  – The Slow Death of Julius Way

NAME: Julius Way
ALBUM: The Slow Death of Julius Way
DATE: 23February2011

LABEL: Self Release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Quaintly English personal indie folk

LOCATION: Brighton, UK

LINE UP: Matthew Adams

Julius Way.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: This time of year there is always an array of songs and albums destined to be labelled as summer sounds reflecting the hot summer days, warm sultry nights, and the vibrant joyful noises of fun the weather instils; rarely though is there a sound that brings images of the English countryside and little villages untouched by the throb of the masses. The Slow Death of Julius Way is a quaint exception as it conjures up thoughts and senses of tranquil riversides, quiet fields, and typically lost English individuals. Not quaint in a derogatory way but simply being something that only Britain could inspire. Julius Way, or Matthew Adams the true name of the creator and artist behind the project, has woven a release spanning 13 tracks that caresses the brow and soothes the soul, his indie/folk sounds though are laced with a darker tormented flavour that feels like a personal inner battle is being subdued but on the cusp of breaking out, giving an intangible sense of restlessness to the music.

Though all tracks are set in the folk type arena there is variety and little nuances that delight and keep things interesting and not predictable. ‘Jessie’s Yurt’ is a great little track that is light and almost mischievous as it dances eagerly around the ear and alongside the tremendous ‘Enemy’ it shares the best and strongest track award. The latter of the two is wonderful sounding like something that comes from the ‘English Settlement’ days of XTC with quirky tribal drums and beats, vibrant guitars, and a vocal attack that has the same tones and lyrical attack of Andy Partridge. The XTC feel does not end there as often the bass on The Slow Death of Julius Way recalls the style of Colin Moulding especially noticeable on ‘Halfway Home’. Additional musicians brought in on the recording also add spices that lift the album, in particular Bex Baxter whose vocals shine in ‘Friends’ and ‘’Slow Death’ plus Tim Cotterell who provides some exquisite violin moments throughout the whole release.

The Slow Death of Julius Way does not always hold
its consistency with tracks like ‘Embercombe’ and ‘Doya’ not having the sparkle of the other tracks but purely that is a matter of taste as the songs themselves are pleasant and well presented. The production on the album from Adams himself is just right for the songs letting them breathe and flow without too much interference or effects and even on ones like ‘Cradle’ with its scuzzy guitar sound it is subtle and not intrusive on the music. The Slow Death of Julius Way is a tidy and delightful album that will thrill fans of people such as Nick Drake or Andy Partridge, similar in style but different enough to be its own entity.

SOUNDS LIKE: Nick Drake, Andy Partridge

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Simple but expressive indie folk carrying a darker edge is your cup of english tea.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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