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Just Surrender – Phoenix

August 7, 2010 by  

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Just Surrender – Phoenix

NAME: Just Surrender
ALBUM: Phoenix
DATE: 2August2010

LABEL: LAB records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Sporadically impressive pop-punk from NY.


LINE UP: Jason Maffucci (vocals), Dan Simons (guitar, vocals), Steve Miller (drums), Jolly Ubriaco (guitar), Kyle Shellhammer (bass)

Just Surrender.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: New York’s Just Surrender emerged from the wilderness in 2005, with their generic but enjoyable pop-punk debut, `If These Streets Could Talk’. The album accrued a wide following in internet circles, and the band appeared destined for success. However, contemporaries such as Hit The Lights and Valencia soon outshone the New Yorkers, inadvertently condemning them to musical anonymity; a status they remained in despite their 2007 follow-up, `We’re In Like Sin’.

Thus, `Phoenix’ is a decisive record for Just Surrender. Will the band remain as designated practitioners of mediocrity? Or, can they transcend their past and garner a vast legion of fans?

`Through The Night’ suggests that the latter of the above options is truly attainable. The track combines contagious dual melodies with riffs comparable to Motley Crue, eventuating into an unusually effective juxtaposition.

On the contrary, `Take Me Home’ will have unfamiliar listeners consulting their iTunes in the worry that they’ve accidentally enabled the shuffle option, as it sounds staggeringly dissimilar to the album’s opener. Synthesizer sounds are conspicuous within the track, which is an enjoyable serving of Farewell-esque power-pop.

Disappointingly, `Crazy’ is a complete abomination. Disney would probably deem the track too simplistic for their film soundtracks, and it is not hyperbolic to imply that listening to this excuse of a song would be a suitable punishment for high treason.”I’m going crazy. Girl, you’ve got me going crazy” is a viable contender for the most nauseating chorus in music. From an analytical perspective, I can only assume that the track’s presence on this album resulted from a lost bet.

`Burning Up’ and `Stronger Now’ retain some semblance of dignity, but it is `Lose Control’ and `Jukebox Memoirs’ that re-affirm Just Surrender as capable purveyors of their niche.

On the whole, the inconsistencies within `Phoenix’ will unfortunately escort the band away from their genre’s enviable elite. The album is a creditable example of pop-punk, but Just Surrender’s scene counterparts are still performing at a remarkably superior level.

SOUNDS LIKE: A wide array of contemporary pop-punk bands. Valencia, Halifax, Farewell, Every Avenue and Rufio all comparatively resemble this New York outfit.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re an advocate of pop-punk. Also, certain songs will appeal to those who spent their formative years on a steady diet of New Found Glory and Blink 182.


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