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Kick up the Fire – Kick up the Fire

October 4, 2010 by  

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Kick up the Fire – Kick up the Fire

NAME: Kick up the Fire
EP: Kick up the Fire
DATE: 15November2010

LABEL: You and Whose Army? Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Grimy London oiks scrape by


LINE UP: Andrew (drums), Thom (bass), Alan (guitar), Kenny (Vocals)


Sairrrrth London boys engage in a bit of post-hardcore shenanigans with their new self-titled mini album, with contributions from Down I go and Johnny Truant.

SOUNDS LIKE: The most obvious thing that jumps out from this album is that this sounds like London music, specifically South London music: back streets with the tiniest hint of ska to it. Influences from At The Drive-In are highly prevalent here with their raw lyrical delivery and guitar riffs, though the overall effect is softer, poppier, slightly grimier and not half as upset as the poor lads at AtD seem to be. The softer aspect and the curiously melodic work on the chorus sections also lend the band a passing resemblance to Blink 182.

The problem with the softer sound is that it doesn’t reach out and grab you in the same way AtD sometimes could and this means the band suffers a bit from ‘Sunday Pub syndrome’, you might have them on in the background, but they won’t make you leap to your feet and grind up the floor.

You have to wait till track six ‘Because of You’ to uncover their one truly arresting piece. A soft mournful number in the vein of Blur or Ash (Specifically Nu-Clear Sounds Ash); it’s effecting, uplifting and ultimately quite good, but not quite enough to carry the whole ep.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: I’ve been beating the At the Drive-In horse for the last 300 words so I guess I may as well carry on here.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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