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Larsen B – Musketeer

August 23, 2010 by  

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Larsen B – Musketeer

NAME: Larsen B
ALBUM: Musketeer
DATE: 6July2010

LABEL: Old Radio Tunes


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Nothing new; don’t get excited


LINE UP: Bags / Paddy / Simon

Larsen B.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Surely by now we’ve heard enough generic indie but like a stale fart it lingers far too long spawning more fart like bands in its wake, being the virus it is; musicians with really good influences and playing ability decide to go the route of all evils and degrade the art of music by churning out shit that’s agonisingly depressing enough to not even qualify as a funeral dirge. And with this pretext Larsen B seem to fall into the generic indie category. Whilst the album was boring to listen to I did appreciate the songwriting skills of the band and the production really stands out in a good ear friendly way. It’s generic indie and nothing new, but a better quality of generic indie.

SOUNDS LIKE: Fanfarlo, The Temper Trap etc

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You are afraid of change


Submitted By Josh Charig



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