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Lavotchkin – The Werther Effect

June 24, 2010 by  

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Lavotchkin – The Werther Effect

NAME: Lavotchkin
SINGLE: The Werther Effect
DATE: 23June2010

LABEL: Shark City Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Not for the faint hearted

LOCATION: Newcastle

LINE UP: Ben Wishlade- Guitar/Vocals, Martin Downing- Guitar/Vocals, Simon Tittley- Vocals, Simon Hubbard- Bass, Paul Hawdon- Drums

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Lavotchkin have been described as one of the UK underground’s best kept secrets, however contrary to recent reports I don’t believe this is about to change anytime soon. Sometimes there’s a reason why bands are still a secret, they’re simply not that good. Unfortunatley for these Newcastle lads I would place Lavotchkin at the bottom of the screamo barrell, lacking the delivery of more established outfits in the mould of Enter Shikari or The Used, Lavotchkin I’m afraid may well fade into emo obscurity. On the plus side a few cracking riffs but overall this effort is nothing out of the ordinary. EP “Widow Country” is released Monday 21st June, in fairness to the lads I urge any hardcore screamo fans to have a listen and judge for themselves, it may well be your thing but it’s certainly not mine.

SOUNDS LIKE: If the devil had a choir, it would sound like this.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You enjoy the pleasure of earplugs.


Submitted By Paul Bell



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