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Left Side Brain – Rifftrospective

September 6, 2010 by  

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Left Side Brain – Rifftrospective

NAME: Left Side Brain
ALBUM: Rifftrospective
DATE: 25October2010

LABEL: Sugar Shack Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Brooding hard rock from Bristol.

LOCATION: Bristol, England.

LINE UP: G (guitar/vocals), Oli (guitar, vocals), Rich (bass, vocals), Ryan (drums)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: After observing this album’s beguiling title, I was anticipating Left Side Brain to shred their guitars in ways that would give Metallica nightmares. In retrospect, it was a slight misconception: `Rifftrospective’ includes an abundance of riffs, but Left Side Brain typically sound like the hot-tempered brother of Queens of the Stone Age.

`Exit Route’ is a barnstorming, riff-laden
monster that could be the soundtrack to improve Lewis Hamilton’s lap times or transform an old age pensioner into a reckless mobility scooter user. In succession, `Weaponise’ follows suit and continues Left Side Brain’s inadvertent quest to corrupt our nation’s drivers.

`Almost Had Me’ retains the band’s heaviness but outlays a slower musical pace and it slowly degenerates into a wearisome track; sentiments that can also be echoed for `Silo Mentality’, `Clout’ and `Chewer’. Fundamentally, the songs lack urgency, which is truly disheartening after hearing the tenacity of the album’s superior tracks.

`Well,Well,Well’ is a rediscovery of the band’s up-tempo rock that is, without doubt, the album’s outstanding song. On the other hand, `Gifted’ is a conspicuously melodic version of their slow-paced heavy rock, though it works impressively.

With `Rifftrospective’, Left Side Brain have compiled a creditable`greatest hits’ album from their musical catalogue. Obviously, certain tracks are more appealing than others, but the band’s musical aptitude is consistently evident.

SOUNDS LIKE: Helmet, Queens of the Stone Age, Therapy?

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re a fan of riffs, but not necessarily those that evoke devil horns and cause colosal circle pits.

However, if you’ve followed Left Side Brain throughout the years, you will probably own all the tracks on this greatest hits release.


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