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Let’s Go To War – Wolves

March 17, 2010 by  

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Let’s Go To War – Wolves

NAME: Let’s Go To War
SINGLE : Wolves
YEAR: 22nd March 2010
LABEL: Last Gang Records

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Too cool to be Canadians.


LINE UP: Henry Walter / Adrien Gough / Peter-John Kerr

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Let’s Go To War have reason to be a little smug at least. Having produced stuff for Britney Spears, amongst others, you can guarantee this is gonna be worth a listen.

SOUNDS LIKE: Melting genres is the name of the game. Let’s Go To War combine blatant pop vocals with acidic beats, and crushing bass. Tasty licks and glitches push it even further over the edge.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: messing about with Cubase, clubbing, popping pills, or all of the above.

LINKS: MySpace

– Judas Morgan



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