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Lissa~Käthe – Reach You

February 19, 2011 by  

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Lissa~Käthe – Reach You

NAME: Lissa~Käthe
EP: Reach You
DATE: 1January2011

LABEL: Octavia’s Dream


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Indifferent but promising easy listening.

LOCATION: New South Wales, Australia / Edinburgh, Scotland

LINE UP: Lissa~Käthe Rummery (all music/vocals)

Lissa~Käthe - Reach You.png

WHAT’S THE STORY?: ?: Lissa~Käthe, hailing from northern New South Wales in Australia, is now settled into her new home of Edinburgh, Scotland. Tracing her Scottish and German ancestry, this artist is into philosophy, mysticism and dream-like concepts.

However, this five-track EP is quite limited in this regard; indeed, it never really steps out of easy listening mode. It’s background music; choral and beautiful it may be, it’s never quite engaging. There’s never quite an individualistic hook that you can latch onto which would separate her from other artists of her ilk.

These musicians in question, by her own admission, are Kate Bush, Loreena McKennitt and Sarah McLachlan. They definitely influence her music, yet Lissa~Käthe never gives herself an original point of reference, such as Bush’s schizophrenic and eccentric emotion, McKennitt’s warbling or MacLachlan’s clear, crisp vocals and upbeat variations. If anything, Lissa~Käthe is more reminiscent of Enya; both artists are talented, yet often forgettable.

As much as her ability to intertwine all manner of instruments is wonderful, Lissa~Käthe is not easy to embrace with Reach You. Essentially, there’s a feeling of impenetrable meaning behind her songs and you can often feel marginalised by her topics – if you can understand them.

The one thing that Lissa~Käthe has a habit of doing is spoken word, but her speaking voice isn’t a match for her otherwise excellent singing. Accent aside, it’s out of place and, dare it be said, a bit pretentious (even if it’s not meant). ‘Hush Now’ and ‘Valkyrie Freedom’ suffer from this, particularly the closing stages of the latter. It isn’t a strong way to end this EP, essentially.

One thing’s for certain, though: Lissa~Käthe is certainly driven. Her talent on the piano, alongside her use of the fretless bass and button accordion, shines through. She’s keen for success as an entertainer and you can’t take that away from her. She’s also after a manager; anyone looking for a UK talent that’s cut out for easy listening or film soundtracks may find her to be the next star.

Something a little different in her upcoming album would be nice, though. Less of the spoken word, too.

SOUNDS LIKE: The background music of shops specialising in crystals and incense.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re a fan of Enya and relaxation, but don’t want distractions.


Submitted By Matt Gardner



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