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Lizzyspit – I’m Alive You Know

April 21, 2011 by  

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Lizzyspit  –  I’m Alive You Know

NAME: Lizzyspit
ALBUM: I’m Alive You Know
DATE: 4April2011

LABEL: Spit Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Inventive and insightful indie folk


LINE UP: Lizzyspit


WHAT’S THE STORY?: “A bright light on a wintry day”, “an exceptionally talented artist…” these are just a couple of the cascading opinions and embracing praise for London-based Nu-Folk singer-songwriter Lizzyspit. Claims by the likes of DJs Janice Long and Steve Lamacq that 2011 will be the year the awakening of her talent becomes a fully fledged knowledge build weekly as interest swirls around the 25 year old artist. Her new EP ‘I’m Alive You Know’ consists of 7 unplugged tracks, some recorded live at London’s Troubadour and the rest being studio cuts. Her debut album ‘Egg Box’, self produced by herself in her homemade recording booth made from egg boxes, instigated the warm response to her music and the new release can surely only harvest more acclaim and awareness. With also the buzz built from her shows opening for Mystery Jets and Morning Parade it just could be that this year she breaks from having growing rippling adoration into being under a full flowing wave.

‘I’m Alive You Know’ begins with current single ‘Talk You Down’ and for me this is the gem of the EP, though later track ‘Little Dan’ does run it close. Lizzy’s voice is expressive and poetic in feel and as such a perfect vehicle for her heart felt words. Whether it all comes from her personal experiences only she can say but certainly they are words that will find familiarity and recognition in most of the listeners’ hearts. Her songwriting is simple in a good way with no unnecessary complications or obstacles that divert from her meaningful words and thoughts. The latter of the two tracks I mentioned, like the first a studio recording, and is a delightful creation of melodies and vocal blends, it had me singing long after the track ended, sorry Lizzy with my voice it should be a crime.

The live songs find Lizzy without studio technical assistance still retaining the charm and enchanting feel to her songs. “I Worry, I Wait”, a track that had me toe tapping unawares, and ‘Only A Matter Of Time’, are just two examples of her ear caressing skill and you can sense the audience listening intently always a good comment on music. If they have no urge to do anything else but to listen, you know there is something special going on. Names of the likes of Emmylou Harris, Kate Bush and Joan Armatrading I have seen mentioned in comparison to Lizzy but for me she is too different to be anyone but herself, and I have the feeling soon others will be compared to her and not the other way around. I am I admit not a follower of or have an in depth knowledgeable of folk music, always heading off to the dark side musically but I can tell you ‘I’m Alive You Know’ is a warm and vibrant collection of well thought out and performed songs and in Lizzyspit there is a talent that inspires and will entertain more and more people in the near future just as soon as they become mesmerised by her poetry of sound.

SOUNDS LIKE: the future of nu-folk music

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: like refreshing soothing acoustic and melodic joy


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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