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Logo – La Vie Moderne

September 6, 2010 by  

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Logo – La Vie Moderne

NAME: Logo
SINGLE: La Vie Moderne
DATE: 29August2010

LABEL: Kitsune


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Euro electro delivers 8-bit funk

LOCATION: Paris, France



WHAT’S THE STORY?: Enigmatic cross channel dial switchers, Logo, are gunning to fill our playlists up with some esoteric electro experiments come the end of August, as taken from their new EP, La Vie Moderne.

To whet the appetite they’ve placed the track ‘La Vie Moderne Minimix’ for free here:

SOUNDS LIKE: Well schooled in the ways of the midi, Logo elect to take us on an experimental electro dance quest. This is quite take me or leave me fair; while you can move your feet to it, the duo’s desire to express themselves as wildly as possible is going to leave a lot of listeners by the wayside. As the beat chops and changes it honestly sounds a bit like a spate of old 8-bit platform adventure game zones; a dripping underwater section, a floating empyreal section, a mean and gritty city zone, but with added funky beat.

It’s nice to think this may be how Daft Punk or Parallax started out.

The experimental nature means this isn’t perfect. There’s an irritating fruityloops-style voice sample intervention that should really have taken the short straw in the editorial suite, and it does end a bit abruptly, somewhat like you ran out of credits playing Final Fight down the arcade.

These are small criticisms though, this really is quite good.

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Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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