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Lonely The Brave – Backroads

August 12, 2010 by  

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Lonely The Brave – Backroads

NAME: Lonely The Brave
EP: Backroads
DATE: 4October2010

LABEL: Repeater


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Spectacular rock, oozing with melody.

LOCATION: Cambridge, England

LINE UP: Dave Jakes (vocals), Mark Trotter (guitar), Andrew Bushen (bass), Gavin Edgeley (drums)

Lonely The Brave.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: This debut E.P from Cambridge quartet, Lonely The Brave, is an accomplished illustration of atmospheric rock music. The E.P’s title track, `Backroads’ soars with sincerity reminiscent of classic Biffy Clyro, whilst simultaneously recapturing the inspirational attributes of Jimmy Eat World.

`Black Saucers’ places more emphasis on hard rock, before escalating into a blissfully melodic close. Furthermore, `Victory Line’ is comparable to the serene ambience of Explosions In The Sky.

Lonely The Brave are significantly more endearing in their melodic moments, partially thanks to the spellbinding performances of singer, Dave Jakes. Instrumentally, the band are remarkable, although it is Jakes’ striking vocals that add an elusive dimension to their sound.

The foursome exemplify their musical diversity by including acoustic editions of `Backroads’ and `Call Of Horses’. Both of these tracks draw from contrasting ends of the acoustic spectrum. `Backroads’ is a definitive folk song, complete with a stimulating chorus and a lyrical undercurrent of hope. On the other hand, `Call of Horses’ delivers an unsettling resonance to the listener, resembling the unmistakable Elliot Smith.

This E.P is an exceptional assortment of melodic rock tracks. Hopefully, `Backroads’ is indicative of a triumphant future for Lonely The Brave.

SOUNDS LIKE: Biffy Clyro jamming with Explosions In The Sky.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you’re a rock fan, with a penchant for sumptuous melodies.


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