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Love Amongst Ruin – Alone

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Love Amongst Ruin – Alone

NAME: Love Amongst Ruin
DATE: 28March2011

LABEL: Ancient B Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Engaging and satisfying indie rock


LINE UP: Steve Hewitt (vocals), Donald Ross Skinner (co producer / guitarist), Steve Hove (lead guitar), Laurie Ross (cello, keys and percussion), Teresa Morini (bass) and Keith York (drums).


WHAT’S THE STORY?: It never hurts initially if you have been a major part of a very successful band for a decade as it gives a good starting point of interest for your new band but countering that the constant scrutiny and comparing of the two is much more intense with often predetermined views and opinions being given before anything is properly released and heard. This is the situation former Placebo drummer and co-songwriter Steve Hewitt will have dealt with upon unveiling his new band Love Amongst Ruin in the middle of 2010. For he and the band though enthusiasm and positive responses rang out from day one and their self titled debut album released in September of last year generally garnered very favourable reviews and response from the fans and from music critique. Now the band release their new single ‘Alone’ determined to ignite up the music world for 2011.
‘Alone’ is my first taste of the band and the little I had read about them suggested their music was a blend of dark melodic rock that was loud, fast and comparable to the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails and Kasabian, or certainly flavoured by artists like them so it was with surprise to hear a track with an 80’s indie rock feel instead. From the opening crash of guitar and delicious bassline I was thinking Comsat Angels, and then as Hewitt’s vocals and the keyboards sounds slid in out came memories of Depeche Mode and New Order, whilst bathing in a definite pop wash from the 90’s era of The Cure as well. Unexpected but certainly not unpleasant and by the second play I found myself instinctively joining in with the simple and repetitive but very effective chorus, never a negative in a single. Hewitt’s voice is mellow with a softness that flows with the quieter sounds caressing the verses but strong enough too against the livelier chorus parts. The track is relatively simple but creates that feeling of wanting to hear more and on this offering musically the band bring a feel to their sound that many others lack.
It is wrong to judge any band on one song and though it cannot be said that ‘Alone’ will set the world alight it is an enjoyable track that has tempted me for on to check out their album. Whether this will be the track to draw a mass of new fans to them I am not sure but it may lead them to check out other tracks and that is always half the battle.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Cure, Comsat Angels, Nine Inch Nails

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like good friendly songs that have you joining in within the first time hearing it.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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