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Marti Pellow – The Devil And The Monkey

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Marti Pellow – The Devil And The Monkey

NAME: Marti Pellow
ALBUM: The Devil And The Monkey
YEAR: 24th May 2010
LABEL: D&M Records

FIVE WORD REVIEW: We still love you, Marti!

LOCATION: Scotland

LINE UP: Marti Pellow / Matt Deighton / Chris Sheehan / Graeme Clark

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Since having formed (in 1982) and fronted Wet Wet Wet, Marti Pellow became known as something of a heart throb with his smouldering looks, onstage kilt and powerful lungs (so my mum says). The Wets’ infallible musicianship led them onto make six studio albums, all of which pervaded the top 3 in the UK charts. Each album takes on its own flavour, from the radio friendly hits of ‘Popped In Souled Out’, to the jagged blues-pop of ‘Holding Back The River’ through to the soulful swing stylings of ‘10’. Wet Wet Wet also released ‘Cloak And Dagger’ (1992) under the pseudonym Maggie Pie And The Imposters. The band reached their peak of international success with their Troggs’ cover ‘Love Is All Around’ before Pellow quit in 1999 due to his heroin addiction.

SOUNDS LIKE: his good years are behind him. This reviewer has fond memories of long car journeys as a child, the whole family singing along to every Wet Wet Wet album. My mum even took us all to see Marti Pellow live. Twice. Unfortunately however, it seems the awesome song-writing has gotten a little lost over recent years. Lead single ‘The Devil And The Monkey’ is an odd electro euro-pop mix. ‘The Grass Has Never Been Greener’ is pure syrupy saccharine, complete with obvious modulation and cheesy backing vocals. Meanwhile ‘Here Today, Here Tomorrow’ sounds like a theme tune for a hospice. Thankfully ‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’ picks up the pace again and showcases Pellow’s whimsical lyrical ability and decent vocal talents – which certainly haven’t faded with time – and ‘I Surrender’ leaves a satisfyingly poignant taste behind.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: Marti Pellow’s mature side. Hardcore fans – housewives in their fifties now – will be sure to pick this up for nostalgia value. Fortunately, Pellow’s voice has always held it’s own, and salvages this album from the not-so-hot song writing.

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