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Max Raptor – Portraits

April 6, 2011 by  

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Max Raptor  – Portraits

NAME: Max Raptor
ALBUM: Portraits
DATE: 11April2011

LABEL: Naim Edge Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Classic UK punk rock bliss


LINE UP: Wil Ray vocals, Matt Stevenson drums, JB Willcox gutars, Tom Garrett bass.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Ever imagined you would come across another band with the social commentary, musical skills, and punk attitude of The Jam? Well stand up and open your ears for Max Raptor. The Derby based quartet bring the ethic of the punk mod trio and fuse it with an innovative indie punk attack and attitude of Billy Talent and the incisive lyrical craft of Reuben, then they turn it into a unique and totally refreshing sound rarely heard today. I would be understating the fact if I simply say their new mini album ‘Portraits’ is great as this is one of the most exciting releases I have heard in a long time. It oozes quality and creativity and possibly has been one of the most satisfying and enjoyable reviews I have undertaken.
‘The King Is Dead’ slams from the speakers first cruising in with a gutsy bass riff before erupting into crashing guitars and snarling vocals. The chorus has a Billy Talent type chant which evolves in a scuzzy Rocket From The Crypt rock sound then throws it all up in the air and punks out again. The strength of any album is in the opening track and the feeling it brings to the party and ‘Portraits’ does not skimp on any energy or power nor does it hold back elsewhere. ‘The Great And The Good’ follows declaring “ I pin this badge on my chest” from the first thumping drum intro delivering worldly and personal political observations upon a musical maelstrom of hooks, riffs and melodic ingenuity. Imagine Baddies crossed with Zico Chain and you’ll only be half way there. Max Raptor do not just do straight punk though, they can walk the indie rock route as in the Young Knives/Billy Talent flavoured ‘Beasts’ or punk metal in ‘Patron Saint(Of Nothing) showing veterans like Green Day how to do things. The two tracks that rip most of all are ‘Obey The Whips’ and ‘Carolina’. The former contains compulsive riffs that drive everything on a frenetic pace especially the throbbing bass of Tom Garret. Throughout the album he dictates the acceleration and direction alongside the drums of Matt Stevenson. The track is bursting with realised ideas and delicious hook and melodies but still riding the power and energy that never fluctuates. ‘Carolina’ is a stunning melodic Rancid/Cribs track with sing-a-long chants and meaty guitar strokes. Wil Ray’s vocals from the opening word on ‘Portraits’ are impressive as he portrays the lyrical content and views with expressive, at times frantic and always wonderfully forceful delivery. The guitar of JB Willcox cruises, rocks and dances all over the tracks wonderfully, throwing in perfect and addictive hooks and striking melodies with the brilliant ‘Ghosts’ a fine example, though it has to be said everyone excels more than they do everywhere on this slice of joy.
Max Raptor have come up with a delicious, infectious and attitude laden release that may or may not prove to be my album of the year but will certainly be in the top 3 as I doubt many releases will be this impressive from start to finish. ‘Portraits’ as well as being a mini album is a compact commentary on us and the society we create driving home points with the original punk anger that is missing these days. Importantly though they make it fun and impossible not to be swept up within their whirlwind of energy and fine sounds making ‘Portraits’ a must hear release.

SOUNDS LIKE: Billy Talent meets Rocket From The Crypt whilst chaperoned by Baddies.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You love original punk attitude fused with infectious indie melodies and spat out with modern anger.

LINK: http://myspace.com/maxraptor

Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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