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Me and The Mountain – Ruthless EP

May 10, 2011 by  

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Me and The Mountain  – Ruthless EP

NAME: Me and The Mountain
EP: Ruthless EP
DATE: 7March2011

LABEL: Self Released


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Breath taking fresh powerful rock


LINE UP: Laura – Vox, Nick – Guitar/Vox, Feathers – Guitar, Rupert – Bass/Vox, Mitch – Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The year 2011 already looks to be one of the most exciting musically, with great releases from established artists and the emergence of new talent with their debuts. Essex band Me and The Mountain cover both directions being a band set to ignite this year as they release their debut EP Ruthless. The five piece indie rock band have created seven tracks of fresh and vibrant music that will surely see them to the fore of not only many people’s playlists but for sharing stages at shows and festivals to come. After the release of their debut single ‘Hands To Yourself’ and being featured on ‘BBC Introducing in Essex’ performing live acoustic tracks in 2010, the moment seems imminent for wider recognition for the band and Ruthless could very well be the spark. It certainly should if there is any sense in the music tastes of the multitudes.

Me and The Mountain are fronted by Laura who has one of the most powerful and stunning voices to appear in recent times and from the moment their aforementioned debut single ‘Hands To Yourself’ kicks off the EP the sense of something special happening is evident. She sounds like a cross between Hayley Williams and Pauline Murray from 70’s punk band Penetration, having a masterful control on melodies and delivery spiced with a dangerous edginess. The track is a great slice of indie punk skewered with great riffs and melodies, with swells and waves of attacking energy caressed with harmonies that raise it high above most songs heard in this area of rock. There will be an inevitable comparison to Paramore and maybe No Doubt musically, but Me and The Mountain have an attitude and style that will surpass them if they have not already. ‘This Is What You Do’ follows and is an even more impressive track and the best on offer on the EP. The guitars of Nick and Feathers tease and play mischievously, creating a swirling array of great sounds over the firm and probing rhythm of Rupert and Mitch on bass and drums respectively. The backing vocals of Nick and Rupert also add a great harmonious contrast in the chorus to Laura and it is hard to imagine the song being any better.

The title song ‘Ruthless’ is simply a glorious slice of fun music. Starting off with and interjecting throughout a big show tune moment that would be easily happy in something like Annie, the track could easily have slipped into novelty song mode, but the quintet wonderfully balance it with a full on rock attack and ultimately pull it off beautifully. It brings a smile to the face, but also a satisfying feeling and can be placed in the big production area that bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy frequent. ‘ Diamonds & Co’, ‘The Invincibles’ and ‘Silver Lining’ all keep up the quality of great rock music with big riffs and hooks and engaging melodies. Final track ‘As Yet Unknown’ is a real jewel to end the EP on, again with the bands obvious trademark of high energy big sounds on driving rhythms and riffs that pulsate. The fact that the intro hook that also flows throughout is cheekily close to that of the one Billy Talent employ on ‘River Below’ is a mute criticism as they twist it enough to make it theirs. The track is also the one that shows off the vocal qualities of not only Laura, but the group as a whole, being creative, soaring and simply impressive.

A note must be made of the production on Ruthless from guitarist Sam Featherstone. Sometimes band members, especially from new bands, concentrate on one area over others, often their own instrument, but here he has allowed the band’s fresh sound to breathe and let every part shine without any detriment to another or the songs. Me and The Mountain are on the crest of something big from all the indications on their Ruthless EP, producing a must-buy release with great music, awesome artwork, and a feeling of hope for indie rock music in the UK.

SOUNDS LIKE: Paramore, No Doubt, My Chemical Romance.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you wake up each morning with the need for big, loud, fresh and energetic rock music.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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