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Metronomy – She Wants

January 24, 2011 by  

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Metronomy – She Wants

NAME: Metronomy
SINGLE: She Wants
DATE: 31January2011

LABEL: Because Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Unconvincing yet chilled lounge pop.

LOCATION: London/Brighton, England

LINE UP: Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Gbenga Adelekan

Metronomy - She Wants.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Metronomy, fronted by Joseph “NME Friendliest Man in Pop” Mount, are back on the scene. The lead singer’s credentials are certainly communicated through the inoffensive ‘She Wants’, but it never seems like Metronomy really commit to making this a stand-out tune.

As the first release from upcoming album The English Riviera, it’s nonetheless a pleasant enough effort. While it seems from the outset to be a bass-heavy lounge tune, ‘She Wants’ suddenly takes a darker turn with a heavily distorted synth. It takes you by surprise, but then it’s complemented by strained yet passive vocals. All is well, right?

Not hugely. It’s standard electropop fare and suffers from vocal Americanisation; while the verse gives away to a chorus with relaxed vocal duality with a Belle & Sebastian vibe, it still sounds like it’s been recorded in Williamsburg. While it’s not an overly bad thing – Mount at least foregoes pronouncing Ts as Ds – it blends into a scene that betrays the band’s Brighton background.

However, while it’s initially forgettable, you’ll find yourself back-tracking to it. It’s actually pretty lovely, if not a bit vanilla. There’s a borderline twee element to it; despite the aforementioned obnoxious and overriding (yet luckily limited) synth, it’s happy, cutesy and nice. It’s particularly noticeable in the slightly repetitive closing minute, though it’s charming enough not to really have that grating Darwin Deez ‘Radar Detector’ monotony about it.

Either way, it’s free on their website and worth a download. Going on Metronomy’s back catalogue, the album will likely pick up the slack.

SOUNDS LIKE: Anything non-committal from New York City electro-indie bands in the last five years, though with a certain unclassifiable quality that still makes it that little bit different.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You want background music while playing a Final Fantasy game, if you don’t want the dulcet tones of Nobuo Uematsu.

LINK: http://www.metronomy.co.uk/

Submitted By Matt Gardner



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