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Mighty Mouse – Lost In Space (August Mixtape)

August 29, 2010 by  

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Mighty Mouse – Lost In Space (August Mixtape)

NAME: Mighty Mouse
ALBUM: Lost In Space (August Mixtape)
DATE: 1August2010

LABEL: self-release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Ass Should Not Stop Shaking


LINE UP: ‘Mighty Mouse’ – Producers


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Having a house party? Too lazy/ high to concoct a playlist? Well look no further! Electro DJ buddies Mighty Mouse have just the thing to erase your pre-party jitters!

SOUNDS LIKE: The Lost in Space August Mixtape is a big ol’ pot of mashed up to tunes with enough euphoria and synth to keep the party going aaaallll night. And as an added bonus, it’s free! Hooray! If you’re smart, you can even rewind this to the beginning and start over. By the time it ends your guests should be so hammered and blissed-out they’ll be none the wiser and keep on dancing. Sure, in places this sounds like the backround noise to a trip round Urban Outfitters while the staff glare at you from the safety of their horn-rimmed glasses, but for the most part the beats don’t let up and the tracks melt together in a disco riot that will render your little toes unable to stop moving.

This is what August should have been like; an eclectic mush of good vibes and sunny tunes, rather than the soggy fiasco it turned out to be. Turn this up and forget that you’re damp, miserable and British..

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: …it’s FREE! Go listen now! Now now now!


Submitted By Nadia



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