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Mirrorkicks – On TV

September 30, 2010 by  

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Mirrorkicks – On TV

NAME: Mirrorkicks
DATE: 9August2010

LABEL: Fruit Pie Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Weak Effort From Great Band


LINE UP: Gerard De Waal – Bass, Edwin Pereria – Guitar, Vocals, Ingmar Kamalagahran – Drums, Anil Kamalagahran – guitar, Vocals


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Taken from their recent self-titled album, plucky indie underdogs Mirrorkicks release ‘On TV,’ with a suitably low budget/high man-hours video that is, I must say, impressively baffling.

SOUNDS LIKE: Anyone remember My Vitriol? This sounds like an album outtake of theirs, minus the gorgeous, soaring vocals and clever arrangements. Indeed, there is something curiously late 90s sounding about this single, with the repetitive, simple chorus and breakdown halfway through. No, ‘On TV’ isn’t an amazing song. It’s not a bad song, true, but compared to the band’s other single releases of late it doesn’t really measure up.
The sound quality adds a rough and ready feel to the track, which resembles the high-octane chaos of Mirrorkicks’ live performances – all screeching angular guitars and brooding basslines. Well worth giving the time of day live. It’s just a shame they didn’t pick such a great single this time.

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