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Moby – Gone to Sleep

August 11, 2010 by  

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Moby – Gone to Sleep

NAME: Moby
ALBUM: Gone to Sleep
DATE: 31August2010

LABEL: Mute Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Music for dares takes ribbon


LINE UP: Moby (Acoustics/Keys/Drums/Vocals), Kelli Scarr (Vocals)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Legendary, follically challenged DJ/singer/songwriter/musician Moby teams up with sweet pair of lungs, Kelli Scarr, to meet the challenge of U.S. disc spinners NPR that he can’t write and record a brand new track within 36 hours! Except the dream team secure a complete blow-out by managing it in 8! Virtuosi!

SOUNDS LIKE: Despite the unusual limits and conditions of its recording this is actually a whole order better than most of the filler on his recent long play effort ‘Wait for Me’ (which also featured Kelli on the title track). Combining an undertone of melancholy with a stirring uplifting message – pretty much like all of Moby’s best stuff then – technically it’s a comparatively simple work, but really brought to life by Scarr’s stirring and evocative vocal performance. Moby wisely chooses to play second string to these and concentrates his energies on running the acoustics, the keys… just about everything else really.

It’s a little bit messy in places and probably could have done with some pruning of its 5 minute + length, but when Scarr crashes into the chorus it really hooks you deep in the heart strings. Haunted, yet joyful. If there’s any justice this is just the start of a wellspring of future collaborations.

Not bad for a day’s work.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You were hooked at Play and never looked back. You need a helping of delicious arresting vocals.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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