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Mojo Fury – Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus

March 18, 2011 by  

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Mojo Fury  – Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus

NAME: Mojo Fury
ALBUM: Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus
DATE: 9May2011

LABEL: Graphite Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Inventive and original exciting sounds


LINE UP: Michael Mormecha vocals, guitar & drums, James Lyttle guitar, keyboards & vocals, Ciaran McGreevy bass.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: We all love those moments in music when you hear something for the first time and there is an instant bond and the seeds of a love affair sown, blossomed and harvested within the contents of one debut album. Such is the case for me with ‘Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus’ from Belfast band Mojo Fury. Ten songs bringing forth the realisation of not only a great band undiscovered by my mortal ears but also the deep surety they will be inspiring new artists in their wake over the years ahead. Formed in 2004 it has been a long journey to this point but you can hear they have spent the time wisely learning their song writing craft, making tours and high profile support slots, and releasing some intriguing and promising EP’s. Now they are at the time to unveil and unleash their full sound to maximum effect and enjoyment for us all. Classed as Alternative Rock the band actually transcend any pigeon holes creating their own sub genre in many ways, as they within not only the album but individual songs create a seamless patchwork of sounds, styles and diversions which flow as one perfectly.
‘Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus’ starts off with their first single ‘The Mann’ and instantly you know there is something interesting ahead. With a ‘ticking over’ drum effect intro turning into an ambush of rolls plus an inviting guitar riff, the track ignites into a crazed but controlled wall of crashing guitars and deep throbbing bass lines accompanied by vocals that follow the music’s suit of walking the line of manic and desperate but keeping it all perfectly together. Guitarist and vocalist Michael Mormecha was originally behind the drums when Mojo Fury began before stepping out to front the band in 2009 and that could be the best move the band will ever make. His vocals echo the music style and add much more on top, often sounding like Robert Smith not only in sound at times but in having that angst, desperate and needy tone that makes them stand out from the norm wonderfully.
The band use what sounds at times like random noises and pulses to great effect as flavouring to their inventive creativity and make every instrument an important as any other within the songs. The piano surges bringing a strolling effect to the second track ‘Bones’ a perfect example especially when everything picks up the pace into a gallop two thirds in. James Lyttle and his keyboards compliment and lead in many tracks and in ‘We Should Just Run Away’ brings us a delicious intro that I have heard seldom better elsewhere. He is not bad on the guitar either and with Mormecha teases and enhances every track beautifully whether with gentle strokes or almost metal like aggression. The biggest highlights of ‘Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus’ for me are the tracks ‘Lemon Marine’ and ‘Kill Cock Robin’ the latter following on from the former but linked by a cool atmospheric piece of music. Both songs use a great brass sound and the trumpet in ‘Kill Cock Robin’ is outstanding and a good counter to the outstanding bass riff from Ciaran McGreevy. He brings some strong and driving slaps throughout all tracks but on this he excels and is arguably the reason it is up there as possibly the best track on show.
As I said earlier it is not possible to label the band which is always a good sign to me but if I say imagine a concoction of At The Drive In, Blood Brothers, Dirty Skirts and on some tracks like the current single ‘Colour Of The Bear’ add a little Hot Hot Heat you will get a slight idea. Though I also was taken to XTC and System Of A Down too for various reasons so maybe not much help but I urge you to go find out for yourselves anyway, you will not regret it.

SOUNDS LIKE: A wonderful explosion in a sound factory with touches of At The Drive In, Blood Brothers and Fall Of Troy

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like your music random, intriguing and surprising.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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