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Monsters In The Attic – Tales of The Worm

August 10, 2010 by  

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Monsters In The Attic – Tales of The Worm

NAME: Monsters In The Attic
EP: Tales of The Worm
DATE: 13September2010

LABEL: Onslaught Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: London punkers admirably mellow out.

LOCATION: London, England

LINE UP: Patch Barbet (vocals), Tom Walding (guitar), Ben Wooster (bass)

Monsters In The Attic.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: London rockers, Monsters In The Attic, have taken a musical departure with their latest E.P by converting established tracks of their raucous punk rock into acoustic adaptations. Only “Get to the Border” is new material, whilst the remainder of this release consists of older tracks that have been reassembled in an acoustic format.

Opener, “Church Sundae”, is a re-envisaging of the band’s album track “I’ll Be Damned” that begins with an auspiciously impressive lead vocal, but descends into mediocrity. The track suffers from repetitive guitar work, disappointingly leading to a meandering and indistinctive offering.

“Zombie Girl” and “Jules” considerably improve the CD’s standard, and the group’s adeptness at their experimental genre is suddenly evident.

Predictably, “Get To The Border” is the indisputable highlight of this E.P. Including a cello within the track was an example of true ingenuity, as the instrument effectively enhances the brooding utterances of singer, Patch Barbet.

Monsters In The Attic may specialise in punk rock, yet `Tales of The Worm’ truly demonstrates their musical versatility.

SOUNDS LIKE: John Butler Trio, Dustin Kensrue, Right Away, Great Captain!

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You are partial to acoustic music, intertwined with unorthodox lyricism.


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