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Mother Mother – Eureka

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Mother Mother – Eureka

NAME: Mother Mother
ALBUM: Eureka
DATE: 16May2011

LABEL: Last Gang Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Sublime / Ridiculous Gleefully Odd Triumph

LOCATION: Vancouver, Canada

LINE UP: Ryan Guldemond (Vocals, Guitar) Molly Guldemond (Vocals, Synths) Jasmin Parkin (Vocals, Keys) Jeremy Page (Bass, Horns) Ali Siadat (Percussion)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: ‘EUREKA!’ shouted Archimedes upon discovering that the real gritty stuff of science occurs in the bathtub, before running gleefully nude through the streets of Syracuse. This is what you too, should be shouting upon clutching this album in your sweating hands following the wait since the breakthrough ’O My Heart.’ But you might want to leave out the naked sprint. Things aren’t as free and easy these days.

SOUNDS LIKE: Mother Mother are often compared to their contemporaries, Arcade Fire. While this is lazily true, (by god, both bands are Canadian, they must thus be identical!) they’re pushing for different things. Win Butler’s heaving collective are edging more and more towards grandiose, generation-defining anthems to nod sagely along to. Mother Mother seem to be throwing a retro party that gets more and more jangly/jaunty/eccentric with each release. In fact, ‘Eureka’ would be a pretty apt soundtrack to a spangly yet poignant musical starring Jake Shears and the cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Seriously. Close your eyes and you’re there.

The catchiness of this album cannot be stressed enough. It is monstrously so. If at least three of the tracks on here aren’t doing the rounds of your mind it’d be wise to check if you’re still breathing. ‘Eureka’ is a brilliantly eclectic mix of curiously vintage sounding but achingly current tracks, the saccharine sweetness of Molly Guldemond’s voice offsetting her brother’s occasionally melancholy tenor. Despite the frequently sinister and downbeat lyrics, Mother Mother sound irepressively jolly. Pianos and ukes jostle for space alongside loose guitars and an ever-present funky rhythm section. Standout tracks are difficult to pick out due to the insane quality of this record, but ‘Baby Don’t Dance’ and ‘Problems’ are worthy of hitting repeat.

The only slightly dud track, sadly is the leadoff single, ‘The Stand.’ This tongue in cheek ‘rap’ / sad indictment of society sounds a little bit like the B-52s with Social Anxiety Disorder. While this is an interesting prospect and not in any way a failure, trying to sound like Fred Schneider when you are not Fred Schneider is a fool’s errand. The juxtaposition of the cocky lyrics and mournful chorus however pull it out of dross country and into the respectable realms of the rest of ‘Eureka’ (just about.)

Early days yet but this could very well be a contender for album of the year. Mother Mother deserve to be absolutely massive on the back of this.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You have functioning ears.


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