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Mother Mother – O My Heart

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Mother Mother – O My Heart

NAME: Mother Mother
ALBUM: O My Heart
YEAR: 2010 (May 31st)
LABEL: Last Gang Records

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Alt-rock with pop sensibilities

LOCATION: Vancouver, Canada

LINE UP: Ryan Guldemont (vocals/guitar) / Molly Guldemont (vocals/synths) / Jeremy Page (bass/horns) / Jasmin Parkin (vocals/keys) / Ali Siadat (percussion)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Finally getting a UK release, ‘O My Heart’ is light and head-bobby, which will leave your toes a-tapping and heart a-yearning. Upbeat ditties such as title-track ‘O My Heart’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ are for your bodybits, and ‘Try To Change’ and ‘Sleep Awake’ will gently caress your brainguts into a lulled submission. The heart is well catered for with ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Burning Pile’; so that’s all you damned dirty humans will need.
SOUNDS LIKE: unfortunately, it’s not hard to spot the soundalike calibre here: Lambchop, The Magic Numbers, even The Feeling in parts. But don’t let these crass intones put you off; Mother Mother are just as inventive as The B-52’s and as lighthearted as They Might Be Giants.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: the skewed humour that pop so rarely delivers; jaunty tunes that’ll make you smile; and finally baking those lovely summer cakes for that picnic you’ve been planning for ages.

LINKS: Official Website // MySpace

– Owen Williams



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