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Mumford and Sons – Toad Sessions

August 14, 2010 by  

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Mumford and Sons – Toad Sessions

NAME: Mumford and Sons
EP: Toad Sessions
DATE: 9August2010

LABEL: Island


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Absolutely bloody folking glorious. Yeah!


LINE UP: Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall , Ben Lovett, Ted Dwane


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Mumford and Sons became the golden boys of folk last summer and this position has been well and truly secured, and is more than deserved; as is evident by their live Toad Session.

SOUNDS LIKE: The folk pop you know and love, stripped back. It’s bare and beautiful.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing the band live (or thought you might like to).


Submitted By Ruth_Franciszka_Wallbank



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