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Napoleon In Rags – Empty Promises

May 11, 2011 by  

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Napoleon In Rags  – Empty Promises

NAME: Napoleon In Rags
SINGLE: Empty Promises
DATE: 16May2011

LABEL: NIR Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Great indie pop punk rock


LINE UP: Jack Kendrew Ben Altieri Jordan Brown David-James Brazier


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Having conquered the local scene Wiltshire quartet Napoleon In Rags are about to do the same to the rest of the UK before realms further afield fall to their indie pop punk charms as they release their debut single. Naming their style of music is a mouthful as it crosses many sub genres, a guitar led indie sound with the rawness and attitude of punk, the melodies and accessibility of pop, and the drive of rock. The Swindon band were formed in mid 2010 and in no time were creating a buzz that saw them with a fervent online fan base, playing the BBC introducing stage at Glastonbury the same year, and supporting the likes of Baby Shambles and Bombay Bicycle Club. Already noted for their live show the band release the aforementioned track ‘Empty Promises’ on their own NIR Records as a free download from May 16th as they engage the next step to mass recognition.

‘Empty Promises’ is a pulsating slice of rock built on a driving bass riff and firm drum base. It is then coated in wonderful driving niggling guitars that give the track an attitude which reflects and brings out the feel and sentiment of the lyrics and their content nicely. Vocally too there is an edge and sense of frustration to the delivery that enhances and completes the overall feeling. The guitars as the song evolves come into their own placing some simple but effective hooks and jangly chords over the unrelenting bass line. The overall sound at times suggests in the head other bands but elusively one can never quite get a handle on who; just an ‘itch’ on the tip of the tongue which never finds relief. This is only because Napoleon In Rags have their own uniqueness, a rarity nowadays, and do not sound truly close to anyone else to make a claim.

The band is named after a description of Andy Warhol by Bob Dylan and that is far from the only interesting thing about the band. The single intrigues and delights leaving the listener longing for more and that is the only criticism that can be placed at their door here, one track is not enough when it sounds this good. The adage ‘leave them wanting more’ is a wise one but here it is simply cruel.

SOUNDS LIKE: Themselves basically.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: music with attitude, bite and clever use of melodies is your flavour.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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