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Nosound – sol29

September 30, 2010 by  

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Nosound – sol29

NAME: Nosound
ALBUM: sol29
DATE: 11October2010

LABEL: Kscope


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Nosound > Nosoul > Sol29

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

LINE UP: Giancarlo Erra (Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard), Paolo Martellacci (Vocals, Keyboard), Paolo Vigliarolo (Guitar), Alessandro Luci (Bass guitar), Gigi Zito (Percussion)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Reissue! Get your reissue! Get it while the metaphor lasts! This is the rerelease of Nosound’s debut 2005 album, which apparently is something of a collector’s item. Be pleased then that this comes packaged with new art work and dvd and everything!

SOUNDS LIKE: 77 minutes. 77 minutes of bloody, torturous, ambient orchestral bumpf. Honestly, when something is so mindlessly boring the brain can only shut down in a protective stupor.

Luring you in on the first track with an intro that mimics the crackly bubble of early silent film, it stretches into this bizarre and frankly uncomfortably blank stream of noise; the audio equivalent of sitting on a window sill on a rainy day and feeling the cold just empty into you. It’s horrible and pretty much a synopsis for the whole album. There is absolutely no depth or emotion here to speak of, just one empty washed out burble after another. Nothing they build up ever pays off and the whole thing essentially sounds like the soundtrack of an off road Toyota advert.

Admittedly this is the band’s first work re-released, but there’s so much better stuff out there it just can’t cut the mustard unless you’re a total die hard fan.

Two disks zero content.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You MIGHT enjoy this if you’re a fan of Explosions in the Sky or God is an Astronaut. Seems like a long shot though.

LINK: http://www.nosound.net/

Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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