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Ollie Stewart – Night Bell

December 6, 2010 by  

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Ollie Stewart – Night Bell

NAME: Ollie Stewart
EP: Night Bell
DATE: 13December2010



FIVE WORD REVIEW: One man band’s dark trip


LINE UP: Ollie Stewart


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Perhaps he’s a complete loner, or maybe he just loves the control of doing everything himself. Either way, Ollie Stewart does himself proud by composing and recording every single nuance of this EP himself. The Dorset boy claims he is influenced by 70s psychedelic rock and 90s trip hop – both clearly obvious in ‘Night Bell’. Unfortunately, teetering between these two genres stops this release from plowing head first into it’s own guise.

SOUNDS LIKE: a watery, vague version of Pink Floyd. With a twist of Massive Attack and Portishead. The production of ‘Night Bell’ is decent given it was partly recorded in a Dorset garden shed, however it lacks great depth and dimension. Stewart claims he is “aiming for commercial music that stands alone”. He’s got a way to go yet. But everyone starts somewhere.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Clint Mansell style soundscapes, and the hypnotic idea that one person can lock himself away to create music on a computer, rather than endlessly tuning drum skins.


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