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Pendulum – Crush

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Pendulum – Crush

NAME: Pendulum
DATE: 17January2011

LABEL: Earstorm / Warner Bros. Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Unfortunately, This Is Pretty Awesome

LOCATION: Australia / UK

LINE UP: Rob Swire – vocals, synthesizer, producer, Peredur ap Gwynedd – guitar , Gareth McGrillen – bass, Kevin Sawka – drums, percussion , Paul Harding – DJ , Ben Mount (“The Verse”) – MC

Pendulum - Crush.png

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Pendulum are the Marmite of Drum ‘n’ Bass bands. You either love their stadium filling, overblown bombast or gag at the prospect of their cod-rock influences that wriggle into their bass heavy synthesised noise. First album, ‘Hold Your Colour’ was an innovative hit in all the right ways. It may have been dismissed by the hardcore of D’n’B but brought the music to a whole new audience and festival crowds were whipped into many a frenzy. That album was tipified by the sort of music you could imagine in a Vin Diesel movie, as our musclebound hero runs through grey, Doom-esque corridors towards danger and epic gunfights with unfeasably large weapons. Lovely. Then ‘In Silico’ came out, and many were perplexed. Suddenly the band had adopted a curious Nu-Metal sound and the D’n’B of old seemed watered down and pop-ified. Vin Diesel ran no more and fans were perplexed. But a new batch of Kerrang-reading, baggy-trousered teenagers discovered Pendulum, and all was well. ‘In Silico’ begat ‘Immersion.,’ where new single ‘Crush’ finds it’s home. A curious mix of their previous two records, it reached number 1 in the UK charts, so they must be doing something right, right?

SOUNDS LIKE: Grudgingly, yes.

It is unsurprising that Pendulum will be supporting Linkin Park on their 2011 tour, in ‘Crush’ they have made a snappy, energetic number with more background atmospherics, thumping basslines and angst-ridden rock vocals than should be neccessary. On top of that it is hideously catchy. The bastards. They have made a fantastic track.’Crush’ should, in it’s similarity to Nu-Metal and Prodidgy-lite, make the discerning listener turn away in disgust. But it doesn’t. It is shamelessly fast and huge in scope despite it’s short running time. You may chuckle derisively at my saying this, and want to hate them for being so brash and popular, but this is really good. Simple, yes, but really good. Like their tour-mates Linkin Park they have hit upon an ‘angry pop’ formula with silly lyrics and even sillier big choruses that will not make the thinking man scratch his beard, but will make the little Vin Diesel in your head (he’s there in everyone’s..) pick up his artillery and run gleefully through his grimy corridors once more.

Those who scoffed at Pendulum (can you blame us after the dross that was Propane Nightmares?) will have to reconsider this scoffing and perhaps give the rest of the album a go if it’s anything like this. Well done, chaps.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: There is a sweaty, wide-eyed moshing little guy inside you just itching to get out and bounce around for a couple of minutes. Go on, there is. He’s having tea inside your head with Vin Diesel..


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