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Pint Shot Riot – Hazy Days

November 30, 2010 by  

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Pint Shot Riot – Hazy Days

NAME: Pint Shot Riot
SINGLE: Hazy Days
DATE: 27September2010

LABEL: Life In The Big City Recordings


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Alt media friendly indie rock

LOCATION: Coventry, UK

LINE UP: Rocket (Lead vocals and guitar); Rob (Lead guitar and backing vocals); Baby Dave (Bass); Mini Rocket (Drums and backing vocals).


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Busy Coventry cooperative currently making a big splash on the Joy-pad scene put forward their new single ‘Hazy Days’ for the consideration of the musical public’s High Score Board.

SOUNDS LIKE: The first thing that strikes you about PSR is that they sound… nice. Sort of friendly and kind. It must be the cheerful vocal delivery. So since Hazy Days is all about halcyon summer romances that’s a fairly good spot to be hitting. In general, the light, peppy, pop notes sound a little bit like early days Feeder; in particular the nostalgic feel best showcased by time honoured track ‘Buck Rogers’. Coincidently, they also have a similar habit of getting featured in the soundtracks to videogames… Hmm, possibly tinfoil hat time.

By comparison, track two ‘Sticks and Stones’ seems to be heavily inspired by the quirky, guitar plinking of The Coral, while still retaining the familiar, fast-paced, raucous element of Hazy Days. It also features some very sweet harmonies.

To top it off, their final offering is Hazy Days in the instrumental form and as we all know by now, instrumental edits are the sign of true gentlemanly bonhomie and scholarship and thus to be recommended at every turn; it is practically a natural law.

Could be one to watch.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Feeder. Sportsy videogame soundtracks.

LINK: http://www.pintshotriot.co.uk/

Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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