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Planting Claymore – Selt Titled EP

May 5, 2011 by  

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Planting Claymore – Selt Titled EP

NAME: Planting Claymore
EP: Self Titled EP
DATE: 30April2011

LABEL: Self Released


FIVE WORD REVIEW: A full and satisfying debut


LINE UP: Simon Bravery: Guitar/Vocals, Nic Adams: Keyboard/Synth, Matthew Woodward: Guitar, Chris Parker: Bass, Alex Woodward: Drums.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: With more and more bands who choose to incorporate metal guitars and synths in their sound seeming to heavily concentrate on one over the other whether intentional or not, it is refreshing to find a band that evenly employs both and to a good high level. Rock/metal Bristol band Planting Claymore fuse synth and dual guitar attacks in their music creating a sound that has strong melodic ingenuity but strapped up with full forceful energy. Their 3 track self titled debut EP is large on pounding riffs and pulsating hook lines running straight through woven textures of swirling and skilful synths making the experience very satisfying.

‘Re-Gen’ opens up with a big open field of almost orchestral synthesizer alongside tuneful guitar strokes before momentarily settling down as the vocals of Simon Bravery come in. Crashes of metal strokes interrupt as the track winds up and steps between moments of synthesizer majesty and hard rock as Bravery and Matthew Woodward passionately wring the necks from their guitars, all culminating into an expansive and controlled song tapestry. Sounding like a cross between Poets of the Fall and Stone Sour coated with a primer of Pendulum the track ebbs and flows within its waves of sound. A heavier touch flavours ‘Killcycle’ as the bass of Chris Parker and intense drums of Alex Woodward force the pace. It never quite breaks out into a fully fledged blast of punishing power with the keys of Nic Adams keeping things reined in wonderfully, creating a great counter balance that works for not only the song but the whole EP’s benefit. Certainly though the energy that is a trademark of their live shows is more than apparent. Completing the triplet of tracks is ‘Airlock’ which after a cool simple keyboard opening takes off with the same firmer edge of the previous track. Planting Claymore here have a distinct Tool like feel tinged with the grunge edge of a Stone Temple Pilots or a harder Soundgarden. This is not to say the band are simply repeating others glories, for Planting Claymore has a distinct gallery of sound on the evidence of this EP and citing others is the best way of giving an idea of how full their music is.

The debut EP from Planting Claymore is concise and large, hard and soft, and pounding and melodic. Small contradictions that work excellently within the one obvious fact, this quintet make damn fine rock music.

SOUNDS LIKE: Tool, Poets of the Fall, Stone Sour

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: melodic/hard guitar and synthesizer metal gets you excited.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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