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Promethee – Self titled

June 29, 2011 by  

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Promethee – Self titled

NAME: Promethee
EP: Self titled
DATE: 4July2011



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Intense and creative melodic deathcore

LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland

LINE UP: Joshua Orsi – Lyrics, Ludovic Lacroix – Guitar, Elric Doswald – Guitar, Mathieu Tappolet – Bass, Nils Haldi – Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: From the shadows of obscurity steps forth an eager beast in the shape of Promethee and their UK debut self-titled EP. Obscurity maybe too strong of a word, but certainly for a band with seeds that began way back in 2006 when long standing friends Ludovic Lacroix, Elric Doswald, and Nils Haldi set down the roots for the band, there has been a slow realisation of their existence outside of their homeland Switzerland. The band officially started in 2008 when Joshua Orsi and Mathieu Tappolet joined the group, and the five piece grew as a unit through non-stop gigging throughout Switzerland. Numerous shows around Europe, a mini tour of Canada and a sharing of a stage with the likes of Rammstein, HIM, and Dillinger Escape Plan at the Greenfield Festival in 2010 gave Promethee an elevation in confidence and ever growing support, but in the UK there has been little notice but that should change as their debut EP is released from captivity on July 4th.

The quintet from Geneva has created a brute of an animal, the five tracks within the release growl and stalk with defined creativity in the shape of the bands blend of metalcore and melodic deathcore with added insertions of progressive metal. Overall it is fair to say there is nothing groundbreaking or jaw dropping contained within but the EP is definitely a release of confident songwriting and musical quality. Most of all though it is simply enjoyable and satisfying.

The EP opens with ‘And Then The Earth Was Shaken’, which despite being almost two minutes in length feels like an intro or prelude to the rest of the release. It has a slow burn build until Orsi’s guttural vocals come in with an imposing drum attack from Haldi, his assault hard and fast. The track offers little more than a dynamic opening but is effective and a good lead into ‘Shipwreck’ where the band expands with ferocity. Complete with group vocal chants, controlled prog guitar meanderings and intense rhythm drills, the track is commanding if not unique.

‘Sink Or Swim’ moves the level up many notches as it explores the band’s sound and ability. From its clean piano beginning, through the intriguing guitar play and avenues created by Lacroix and Doswald, to the variety of vocal styles employed, it is impressive. Easily it is the best track on offer and alone is well worth an investigation of the EP.

The remaining tracks ‘Ashes’ and ‘Over The Horizon’ return to the strong level the release started out with. As mentioned before there is nothing to make you stand opened mouth as you listen, but the ability and realisation of what are great ideas within the songs is beyond reproach. One can only see one direction for the band if they continue with this standard of songwriting and performance, as natural progression should take them to much higher levels and stature. The song ‘Sink Or Swim’ already suggests they are well into the first steps of that journey.

SOUNDS LIKE: Miss May I, The Black Dahlia Murders, Beneath The Sky

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: harsh intrusive sounds with underlying melodic and creative intrigue makes your pulse race.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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