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PS I Love You – Meet Me At The Muster Station

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PS I Love You – Meet Me At The Muster Station

NAME: PS I Love You
ALBUM: Meet Me At The Muster Station
DATE: 26April2011

LABEL: Paper Bag Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: So Awesome It Almost Hurts

LOCATION: Ontario, Canada

LINE UP: Paul Saulnier – guitar, vocals; Benjamin Nelson – drums

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Oh, what heady days we live in. What a time indeed, to be alive. Not only does 2011 herald the Lazarus-like return of DFA 1979 and Rival Schools and a new direction for Radiohead; new amazing music is popping up everywhere. PS I Love You is the bastard child of multi-instrumentalist Paul Saulnier and drummer buddy Benjamin Nelson who have hewn a savagely listenable debut that has earned them accolades from the cream of the super cool music press and well, anyone who has lent their ears to the record. And rightly so.

SOUNDS LIKE: ‘Meet Me At The Muster Station’ is an album of many talents, leaping effortlessly from grizzly sludge to sparkling explosions of clarity within songs. It is catchy in all the right places, but distorted enough to warrant multiple listens to really take it all in. Despite a cohesive, distinctive sound, PS I Love You manage to allude subtly to their influences without aping them. The ghost of Les Savy Fav haunts the tight garage guitars and soaring melodies of ‘Face love’ (which is easily better than anything Kings Of Leon have ever made in the vein of jangling guitars) and ’2012’ while the aforementioned DFA 1979 raise their shaggy heads in ‘Butterflies and Boners’ and the insistant rhythm of ‘Get Over.’

Vocals bounce off walls of spiky reverb and fuzz, culminating in a sound of surprising depth, considering this is the debut piece from just two guys. Saulnier’s yelps are in turn jubilant and urgent, giving added intensity to the icebergs of chaotic instrumentation that constitutes the bulk of the album. This is a work of staggering complexity, always engaging regardless of direction.

This is rock and roll at it’s very finest: classic enough but with a modern edge that places PS I Love You way ahead of their contemporaries. This compact album times out at around 30 minutes, but like a well-worn leather jacket covered in god-knows-what, it’ll see the light of day again and again no matter how much it might reek in the April sun. Not a dud track in sight. If you’ve been disheartened by the recent release of ‘Angles,’ this may restore your flagging faith in thrashing guitars and drawled lyrics. ‘Meet Me At The Muster Station’ is monstrously, obscenely amazing in every way possible.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You want to be that guy who ‘heard of them before they got huge.’ Because they will.


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