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Punks Jump Up – Blockhead

January 27, 2011 by  

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Punks Jump Up – Blockhead

NAME: Punks Jump Up
EP: Blockhead
DATE: 31January2011

LABEL: Kitsune


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Synthwave electro hypnotically insistent disappointment


LINE UP: Joe Attard, David Andersson


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The English/Swedish combination that is Punks Jump Up have hit 2011 running as they give us their new single ‘Blockhead’, a sound sure to enrapture the electro dance fraternity into delirium. The duo Joe Attard and David Andersson, renowned remixers, deliver a 6 track EP treating the title track to a multiple dose of their mixing magic. When they play this in clubs it raises the roof so this release is going to be irresistible to a growing and adoring army of fans

The EP consists of the original mix of ‘Blockhead’, a flowing, spiky mix of sound that leads you in, changes in direction and repeats the process numerous times. Its mesmerising and hypnotic hook repeats insistently throughout and you get sucked in no matter who you are. Accompanying this is 5 varied remixes of the track, all bringing a little something different to the party. The ‘Stop Making Me’ remix sees their punk background reappear briefly with a beginning that owes much to Killing Joke’s ‘Turn To Red’ and for me is the best track on the EP whilst the ‘Symbol One’ remix veers in the direction of the 80’s Heaven 17, revisiting that great time and sound in music, and throughout the package each remix adds its fingerprints and viewpoint to the original version.

Overall though I found it disappointing and interesting in equal measure, and having loved their previous release ‘Dance to Our Disco’, this falls kind of flat though I can totally see why it is such a favourite in the clubs. There are some great twists and turns throughout, and though maybe it is listening to the same thing in different guises that detracts from the effect ultimately it left me thinking back to the punkier funk tracks from before and how this is lacking in comparison.

SOUNDS LIKE: Incessant aural wasp attack on the senses delivered through remix after remix of a mix until it blurs into one.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You enjoy 35 minutes of one head bashing flat out electro buzz disguised as uninspired versions of the same pulse.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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