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Redtrack – Whole Town’s Heart

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Redtrack – Whole Town’s Heart

NAME: Redtrack
ALBUM: Whole Town’s Heart
DATE: 30August2010

LABEL: Fandango


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Power pop with arresting lyrics

LOCATION: Southend on Sea

LINE UP: Billy Wright – guitars and vocals, Phil Blake – bass and vocals – Andrew Perry – Drums, Mitch Silvey – guitars, vocals and keyboards

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Redtrack, a band from Southend on Sea, with a liking for living life on their shirt sleeves, and relating tales of little town life to a background of sharp musicianship and sharper lyrics, release their first album. A succesful live draw in Southend on Sea, Whole Town’s Heart aims to bring the talented four piece band to a larger audience. The four men in the group are all talented musicians, and their vision is supported by the support of Buzzcock Pete Shelley, who produced their last single, Poledancer, which is the seventh song on the album. The songs range from the opening title track, with its aggresive guitars, and tales of leaving, or ‘Been There’ which is about never returning to the scene of the crime in relationships, to the gentle acoustic balladry of ‘Memory Card’ or the sharlpy melodic closing song ‘Pretty Boy’ which is probably one of the few recorded songs to feature a cast member from Hollyoaks. ‘The trier’ features an arrangement and sound that any New Romantic band would be jealous of, whilst ‘Catch me out’ features a Johnny Marr-esque looped guitar riff, and a very tight and syncopated bass part. Most of the tracks feature highly effective harmony and background vocals which add to an attractive and distinctive sound.

SOUNDS LIKE: New, but elements of the Artic Monkeys, the Smiths, Squeeze, Weller and the Jam, Elvis Costello, New Wave and New Romantics.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like musicians singing songs about modern life, from the teenage perspective.


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