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Robots in Disguise – Happiness V Sadness

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Robots in Disguise – Happiness V Sadness

NAME: Robots in Disguise
ALBUM: Happiness V Sadness
DATE: 11July2010

LABEL: President Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Electro who, what and where?


LINE UP: Dee Plume (guitar and vox), Sue Denim (bass and vox), Ann Droid (drums and vox)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The incredibly titled Robots in Disguise are proud to announce the release of their latest fan-sponsored album, Happiness Vs Sadness. So go fans! You dared to share the dreams of your idols and now reap the rewards! Fan power! Yeah!*

*Seriously, you guys are great.

SOUNDS LIKE: HVS is certainly an odd fish, in fact it’d probably be the first to describe itself as such. Essentially it’s thirty minutes of do-it-yourself, indie-electro nonsense that sounds like a jamming session between the two high-school class oddballs (you know the one’s that sat at the back of the room laughing at each other’s jokes and wore day-glo neon on non-uniform day) armed with a pair of guitars, some synths and TOO MUCH COWBELL THAYOUVERYMUCH (especially you, track two ‘Don’t Go’).

The jam-like nature means we receive a lot of genre hopping and unusual sound experiments, including the seemingly obligatory modern-day throw back to the eighties electro scene and even a hint of glitchcore on some tracks. It also means it takes itself about as seriously as pink novelty willy. As can be seen in lyrical gold like: “Happiness Vs Sadness. I’m like a yo-yo. Spin, spin, spin”, or the Mousketeer-like spelling out of the track’s title on ‘Winner’. This isn’t a criticism, the vocals and their one-two, duet-style delivery provide a lot of the attraction. It’s probably due to the way they mix normal and weird at the same time: everyday things expressed in the daftest fashion possible, it’s like going to the Co-op dressed as Adam Ant.

Unfortunately, like a jigsaw put together by a hyperactive toddler the pieces don’t quite fit right. Much of the album smacks of afterthought, or seems plain anaemic and precious few of them really explode. ‘Lies’ provides a good tempo boost and it’s sharper, more accusatory tone helps hit the notes its siblings appear to be lacking. The only real standout effort is, however, is signature track ‘Chains’. Happy bouncy and poppy and that’s poppy as adjective too – the vocals real pop out as the duo explain the CHAINS that link us to our past relationships. It has more straight-line guts and vigour than the rest of the album put together.

The bittersweet mark of being a one hit wonder.

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Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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