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Ruins Of Earth – Misguided Lifeforms

July 4, 2011 by  

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Ruins Of Earth  –  Misguided Lifeforms

NAME: Ruins Of Earth
EP: Misguided Lifeforms
DATE: 8August2011

LABEL: Self Release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Passion filled aggressive melodic metal

LOCATION: Hampshire, UK

LINE UP: Brian Turner – Vocals Andrew Wilson – Guitars Dan Smith – Guitars Fred McCauley – Bass Thomas Brooker – Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: With critical acclaim still ringing in their ears for their debut EP Ashes Of The Ocean, Hampshire metallers Ruins OF Earth return with the follow up Misguided Lifeforms. This four track EP again sees the quintet delivering their own blend of thrash/death metal/melodic hardcore amalgam; a sound never easy to get a handle on and always throwing in some strong unexpected ideas within its aggressive power.

Since forming in 2008 Ruins Of Earth has impressed with their explosively intense and dynamic live shows, something they have tried to bring into their recordings. Whether they have succeeded in that mammoth task is debateable but certainly there is an energy thriving within the recordings, though on Misguided Lifeforms it is hampered by the production which has the sound muted in some way. It is like a blanket over the open freshness the band no doubt has when performing, showing maybe another example of when it is better for bands to get outside ears and thoughts in rather than doing it themselves. Even saying that the EP is still a strong and satisfying release just not as great as it could have been sound-wise, song-wise it is right there.

‘Funeral ‘opens the EP with its slight industrial death metal thrash. High intensity riffs, throbbing basslines and dual black and death metal vocals forms the hard driving sound. With group chants and expressive guitars it is a strong and urgent start. This is swiftly followed by the instrumental ‘The Wait’, a track that really shows off the prowess and skills of the members of Ruins Of Earth, with only the distant growls and an off putting sound of what is assumedly rain falling on roofs closing the song the only negatives.

The final two tracks completing the EP are ‘Become Inhuman’ and ‘An Unreal Entity’. The first is the strongest track on Misguided Lifeforms, bringing in various faces to its body of sound, such as death metal, progressive metal and an array of riffs and melodies seen within many sub genres of metal. At times one can hear the likes of Sylosis, Cult of Luna and even Dillinger Escape Plan. The latter of the two is a darker feeling song, it preys and stalks ready to pounce and though it never really does leap into an attack on the listener it is an easily agreeable track to end the EP.

Misguided Lifeforms is released at first as a limited time free download from 8th August and there is no reason not to go grab yourself this treat. Yes the production lets it down and prevents it being an essential purchase but certainly one will find it a satisfying release.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Black Dahlia Murder, Cult Of Luna, Dillinger Escape Plan, Sylosis

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: standing under a meteor strike of crushing riffs and red hot melodies takes your fancy.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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