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Savage Furs – Savage Furs EP

April 11, 2011 by  

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Savage Furs – Savage Furs EP

NAME: Savage Furs
EP: Savage Furs EP
DATE: 21March2011

LABEL: Self release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Dark intriguing 80’s electro pop


LINE UP: DEL JAE: Vocals, Synths JJD: Programming, Synths, Bass, Guitar, Vocals CHRIS FLATLINE: Synths


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Imagination and the search for something new and artistic can be a thin tightrope between genius and a dip in the waters of crazed failure and with their self titled debut EP Savage Furs teeter precariously. From my first listen through numerous other plays I still am not sure which side they do fall upon as the 5 track EP has moments of supreme music and ideas while at others there are pieces of randomness that do not work and leaves one confused. The band’s vocalist Del Jae says “I think the main crux of our creativity lies in opposition and a constant battle between what is pop and what is art, harkening back to a time when neither were mutually exclusive” and though I am just applying his words to one aspect of the music it does explain the contrast and at times why the music is at odds to the vocals and are an uneasy fit. The spine of the Savage Furs is openly 8o’s electro pop which is then layered with meaty basslines and swirling punky synths and sounds but always the melodic tones are the core to the experimental dressings.
The opening track ‘Thrones Of Young Ice’ is a great opening and the one track where everything works in an intriguing and enjoyable combination. It has an early Human League feel, before the split, and is a great introduction to the band with its compulsive synth riff and sax sounds around the great bass drive. The bass is the best feature on the EP it has to be said and with some neat guitar play too Jack Duckworth shows a man who can deliver some great sounds and ideas through his instruments whilst the synths of Jae and Chris Flatline swoop in and out and around the whole thing. From this point though the release loses its coherency somewhat as ‘Sick Lamborghini’ leads in the rest of the tracks. Vocally it has a ring of Simple Minds to it well after the blatant Duran Duran opening and has a nice smooth feel but around this there is a wrap of what seems like random sounds which do not feel at ease with the melodic centre. I do like the attempt through the sounds to give a grumbling metallic feel like a throaty car grunt but overall it goes too far to flow properly as a track. This approach works better though not as well as in the first song on ‘Mohair Metal’ with a harder steely edge that echoes of early Ultravox when John Foxx led the way and also goth punks Alien Sex Fiend and the more I hear it the more it grows on me I must be honest. This shows the promise the band does have and I certainly would not dismiss them as a band likely to turn heads in a big way down the line. ‘Asphalt Sorcery’ is a smoother more straight forward song again in the Simple Minds area but even more so I was reminded of Japan. The heavier at odds sounds work better here but overall apart from a familiar chorus sound the track does not excite or hold the interest as well as it should. Final track is a mix of ‘Sick Lamborghini’ and all I can say is there was no improvement in the patience.
Overall the Savage Furs EP is a mix of sounds and ideas but also in consistency and though there is nothing within to say the release is not good it does not trigger a burst of excitement either. The more I listen I hear new things within and get more from the EP which is certainly a good thing and I will checking out future music from Savage Furs but when bands like Calling All Astronauts are doing a similar thing much better I feel they need to may define where they want to go and their sound some more.

SOUNDS LIKE: A mix of Simple Minds, Japan, Alien Sex Fiend and Tones On Tails.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like your 80’s electro punk with adventure and mystery.

LINK: http://www.savagefurs.com/

Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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