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Save Arcade – Save Arcade EP

February 1, 2011 by  

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Save Arcade – Save Arcade EP

NAME: Save Arcade
EP: Save Arcade EP
DATE: 28June2010

LABEL: 57 Records UK


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Triumphant EP shows huge potential

LOCATION: Teesside, UK

LINE UP: At the time of release: James Arthur (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Matthew Green (Guitar), Alex Beer (Bass/Vocals), Josh Brown (Keys/Vocals), Karl Dowson (Drums)

Save Arcade.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: This EP, the band’s second, was released six months ago. So why is it being reviewed now? Because it was drastically overlooked and didn’t get the publicity it deserved. Still unsigned, these five lads from the seaside town of Saltburn played shows with the likes of Mayday Parade and Madina Lake all across the North East, all the while finding and perfecting their sound. This was the end result.

The five song EP kicks off with the aggressive ‘Tonight We Dine In Hades’. By far the heaviest song out of the five, we get our first proper listen to Arthur’s superb vocals during the chorus, where he claims “I’m unstoppable”. If this first track is anything to go by, he might just be right. Dowson’s drumming does the song justice as he attacks his double-bass pedal at all the right times, culminating in a great opener to this record.

‘Juliet Is Not Dead’ and ‘Superhero’ follow, the latter kicking off with an incredibly catchy sounding guitar backed by the full band filling in the gaps. The draw of the Green’s guitar continues into the chorus, delicately making its way through Arthur’s consistent vocal either side of verses containing Brown’s synths, which almost hide behind everything but do just enough for us to realise how big an effect he has on the band. As for ‘Juliet Is Not Dead’, we see the band slow things down a bit, which in turn allows bassist Alex Beer to give a perfect example of a classic ‘simple, yet effective’ bass line. It’s clearly an emotional track and is made all the more grand by the subtle backing vocals during the chorus as Arthur cries “Romeo, you have to wait she’s waking up”. Brilliant.

The record’s fourth track ‘She Aims To Please’ begins with an almost vulnerable man and his guitar trying to connect with anyone and everyone who wants to listen. And he succeeds, just as Beer bridges the gap between the verse and the chorus with a short, thumping bass line. The song is again, big, and brings us nicely to the last track on the record; ‘You Always Want To Fight’. It takes a couple of listens to appreciate stop and start verses, but it’s worth it. The track is complete by a chorus almost as huge as that of ‘Tonight We Dine In Hades’. Almost. But still, it’s another great track that treats us to a surprisingly bluesy bridge, which simply makes you think ‘hmm, fair enough’. Not a bad thing, just different.

Overall, this is a band who are making progress and attack every song differently. Having heard their other material, I know what this band are capable of and hopefully soon enough you will too. Keep an eye open for these guys in 2011. They could strike it big at anytime, and do you know what? They probably will.

SOUNDS LIKE: It’s difficult to say. Save Arcade haven’t stuck to one genre, or even two genres. They can play hardcore, rock, pop and alternative. As is evident by the EP, the times that they combine these genres produces some great music and it needs to be listened to by more ears. Simple.

Make sure you listen to their other material to get the full scope of how good they really are.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You enjoy the buzz of listening to a band for the first time and knowing you’re listening to something great.


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