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Selectalldeletesaveas – Self -Titled

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Selectalldeletesaveas  – Self -Titled

NAME: Selectalldeletesaveas
ALBUM: Self -Titled
DATE: 14June2011

LABEL: Self Release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Eccentric and crazy indie rock

LOCATION: Cheltenham

LINE UP: Antony Walker, Terry Emm


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The self titled album from Selectalldeletesaveas is a twin joy with its dark humour and varied array of musical styles flowing with an important we do not care attitude. From listening one can sense that the band does not care if you like their music or not, though they do their best to persuade you to obviously, but this is their music and what they are about, take it or leave it. Selectalldeletesaveas consists of Antony Walker and Terry Emm who met on a music course at the University of Gloucestershire. In 2010 Walker was commissioned to record an album so with musically alike minds the two friends started on the project with this release the end result. Already having written songs that had University notoriety the album gave the duo the opportunity to release a more polished product and what Walker says is “… an outlet for other emotions and sounds that other bands would not dare to put out”.

The album sets sail with opening track ‘Join The Navy’, a track that epitomises the whole release with a clutch of music styles within its frame. Starting off with a piano led ballad feel and soft Pet Shop Boy like vocals it floats along with a mellow simplicity before being joined by an electric rock guitar attack that trips in now and then along with a pop synth hook. Lyrically they give a tale of life at sea in the navy and the lack of reality of the stereotypic sexual image of sailors alone together and there almost seems a sense of disappointment. One cannot fail to chuckle, something that never changes throughout the release.

‘Best Damn Wolf’ starts the strongest part of the album being the first of four outstanding tracks that show the quality of the songwriting. The track is a deceptively simple sounding song that flows as the lyrics give a damning of the corporate rape of farmers income and lifestyle. Next comes the best song on the album ‘Binman’; with a sound and vocal delivery similar to Frank Black (Pixies) it oozes class and rock vibrancy. Its strolling riffs and scuzzy guitars a real treat. The variation in the music of Selectalldeletesaveas is proudly evident in the following track ‘Land of The Dinosaurs’. Here they switch to an early TV Personalities type sound coated with some dirty rock guitar and flowing pop synth sounds. The word experimental has been used to describe the band’s music and on the albums evidence it is a fair point but more so it is adventurous and a release of what Walker and Emm have kept inside as frustrations and inspirations. The last of the quartet is ‘Confession’, an indie metal track that rivals ‘Binman’ for top honours. As on the opening to the album and a couple other places it starts with an extremely funny skit which just has to be heard to be done justice. The track itself is a hard edge electric rock flavour of a song, spiced again with a flavour of the Pixies. The same combination is also the main texture of the album closer ‘R U Sitting On A Goldmine’, another thoroughly enjoyable slab of fun.

There is no doubt to many this album will not work or reveal its ingenuity due to their own different or lack of humour and preconceived views on comedy music, but Selectalldeletesaveas as a band and a release offer much more than simple funny words or simple music. Sometimes admittedly things do not come off as well as at other moments as with ‘Football’, where the sound is cluttered and a step beyond organised chaos though it has to be said the skit intro is great and the accent used the source of much amusement. This is a rarity and overall the album is an irrepressible bundle of joviality; it is crazy, eccentric but most of all damn fun.

SOUNDS LIKE: English eccentric versions of the uniqueness of a Frank Black and John Otway combined.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you want a good giggle as your ears are pleasured.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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