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Seth Lakeman – Hard Working Man

August 14, 2010 by  

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Seth Lakeman – Hard Working Man

NAME: Seth Lakeman
SINGLE: Hard Working Man
DATE: 14June2010

LABEL: Relentless


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Poppy and lackluster folk music.

LOCATION: Devon, England

LINE UP: Seth Lakeman (vocals and all instruments)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Years ago, releasing a free single would be regarded as a marketing strategy that bordered on irrationality. But, fast-forward to 2010 and free music is commonplace within a music industry that is locked in a constant state of transition. `Hard Working Man’ is an example of a new marketing tactic, involving the convergence of social networking and music. To gain free access to this Seth Lakeman track, the listener is required to promote it via their Twitter or Facebook profile. It’s certainly a shrewd method of consumption.

Dismally, I have to assert that while Seth Lakeman and his record label are calculated businessmen, this single is decidedly mundane. There’s simply nothing endearing about this display of over-produced folk music, which is deficient of authentic lyrical substance. Folk music should emanate emotions of redemption and courage, and remain far removed from the borderline pop of `Hard Working Man’.

SOUNDS LIKE: Folk releases that allow style to take precedence over substance.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You prefer music that is systematically designed for radio airplay.


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