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Sophie Barker – Seagull

March 21, 2011 by  

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Sophie Barker – Seagull

NAME: Sophie Barker
EP: Seagull
DATE: 9May2011

LABEL: Cannonball


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Heard it before and better


LINE UP: Sophie Barker (vocals)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: On this, the glorious twentieth of Mars, third year of almighty Ceaser’s reign, the pathetic Gauls have sent us tribute in the form of an album sampler from Sophie Barker’s forthcoming ‘Seagull’. Personally I would have preferred another wagon train of slave girls.

SOUNDS LIKE: Deja-vu, we’ve all experienced it and we probably will again (wa-hey). Female vocalist, acoustic guitar; seems to be doing the rounds these days.

Technically there’s nothing wrong with ‘Seagull’ – the instrumentals are clean and well paced and the lyrical content clear cut; it’s just that there’s nothing to sink your teeth into, no emotion, no fire, no wicked hook into the soul. It’s a just a slow, drifty, go nowhere, sing-along. Each track experiments with a slightly different musical style (‘Bluebell’ gets a bit jazzy for instance), but it’s just a thin sugar coating for the same bland pill… the audio equivalent of eating mouthful after mouthful of cream crackers. Admittedly, the electro city scene breakdown midway through ‘I Sit and Hide’ is pretty great, but that’s 60 seconds of one song and tellingly comes during a respite from the vocal content.

This has just been done so many times before and better.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you want a £ store version of Dido, or Dolores O’Riordan, or maybe the Velvet Underground… except you can probably pick up all that stuff in the £ store anyway…


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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