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Sound of Rum – Best Intentions/Give

July 5, 2011 by  

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Sound of Rum – Best Intentions/Give

NAME: Sound of Rum
EP: Best Intentions/Give
DATE: 20June2011

LABEL: Sunday Best


FIVE WORD REVIEW: More than a bit rum


LINE UP: Kate Tempest, vocals; Archie Marsh, guitars; Ferry Lawrenson, drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Bang a drum, it’s those feisty newcomers Sound of Rum!

Rumpelstiltskin. Rum Customer. Rumbled. Rumbelows. Rump…

They have a debut album called Balance out now!

SOUNDS LIKE: Best Intentions sounds a bit like a more melodic take on The Streets. Concerning regret and reality in life and love, the lyrics are quite sharp. Problem is rapper Kate Tempest sounds like a stroppy pre-pubescent boy. Everything comes back to this fact. There’s just no escaping it.

On the other hand, after a promising start, track two ‘Give’ somehow crosses over what sounds like parody around the 0.24 mark. Gruff, grim, drink and drugs and all that other ‘real’ urban guff. Possibly there’s a point being made, but this just returns us to the inescapable fact in paragraph 1.

What follows are seven remixes of the aforementioned tracks. Remixes outnumbering actual content. Were not in Kansas anymore.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like The Streets.

LINK: http://soundofrum.com/

Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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