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South Central – Demons

November 30, 2010 by  

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South Central – Demons

NAME: South Central
ALBUM: Demons
DATE: 25October2010

LABEL: Citizen Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: We play. You dance. Complete.

LOCATION: Brighton, UK

LINE UP: Rob, Keith


WHAT’S THE STORY?: A dance act truly willing to experiment and push the genre forward? Stone the crows! It’s Brightonian, beat brothers South Central come to lay the rhythms down just for you!

‘Demons’, a preview of what to expect from their early 2011 album is available for your audio delectation now.

SOUNDS LIKE: We plunge in with what sounds like the organ music spectacular to Dracula’s wedding, with some truly obnoxious levels of vocal distortion. The organ use combines with a heavily roboticised vibe, which makes the whole thing seem very Daft Punk inspired; like Punk’s little brothers have snuck into their room to mess with their music stuff even though they’ve been told a thousand times not to. This isn’t so much a criticism though, as you find the more you hear the more it grows on you – the organ music really is very slick.

Track three is broadly similar in tone, but features some really nice guitar layering, and I mean really nice; sharp, fierce, but with a element of down to the wire desperation. It’s here the duo get their hook in you and you suddenly realise this is a whole league above the junk normally cluttering up the dance floor. A lot messier than their opener, there’s a feel of some sort of impending catastrophe to this work, which is wildly inventive. At points it even sounds like traditional RPG music, or even a wee bit like the score from MSPaintAdventures, which of course is incredibly cool. Though it must be admitted the identikit-vocals start to wear a bit think on this second outing.

To round off their tricks, track six stands at an impressive 39.28 minutes in length, which is pretty boss as far as effort goes. It’s not exactly post-rock, but the feelings behind it seem similar – perhaps some sort of post-dance then? It even features an extended sample from ‘Technologic’ and the… Stereophonics?! You get the feeling this final movement might be something of an elaborate joke, but it’s such an enjoyable romp you just don’t care.

What we have here is the grail of Dance music you can move to and actually sit back and enjoy for its inventive complexity. A million miles from Ibiza and all the better for it. Mixers be praised!

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Daft Punk. The Chemical Brothers.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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