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South Central – Society of the Spectacle

March 21, 2011 by  

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South Central – Society of the Spectacle

NAME: South Central
ALBUM: Society of the Spectacle
DATE: 4April2011

LABEL: Egregore Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Glimpsing our glorious disquieting future

LOCATION: Brighton, UK

LINE UP: Rob and Keith. Feat: Gary Numan and A Place to Bury Strangers


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Brighton-based young sprouts pull the lever on the door to their imaginatorium: allow them to paint you a picture of the glorious, twisted future they demand we now celebrate.

It involves synths, some heavy base and possibly being eaten by a black steel robot.

SOUNDS LIKE: Do you remember D.C’s split tempered, Dark Knight antagonist, Two Face? Half suave handsome gentleman, half ugly disfigured monster? Yeah, this album’s a bit like that guy.

The first three outpourings are, to be frank, junk.
Rough and in your face/theyyyyyy’ve gotttt a durrrrrrrrrrrrrty bass. And that’s about it. You could wallpaper club 18-30 with it and call it a day. It just compounds the disappointment to learn they’ve decided to take ‘The Day I Die’ as a flagship track; being not so much the best of a bad bunch, but the worst: fractured, over-distorted, cut and paste nonsense.

Your eyes flick inexorably to the track counter… 32 minutes more of this? Peas and Rice.

Then track four, ‘Demons’ comes flying out of nowhere shooting lasers out of its eyes, trailing dry ice everywhere, before clocking a smooth round-house to your open, credulous gob. It’s an almost perfectly pitched tribute to electro gods Daft Punk; a soaring, swooping, gothic-techno extravaganza layered with some spot on cybered up voice chorus. So good you could actually use it as an alternate theme for the villain from Interstella 5555.

‘Demons’ is your wake-up call, the single that the experiment is finally about to begin, because 80% of the noise that follows is pure sound-gold. The whole experience sounds genuinely more integrated. It’s like the difference between a genuine work of art and something you hacked out in MS paint the other morning to nark off your mates.

Highlights include ‘The Fourth Way’, which seems to have skipped its way over from a completely different album. Compared to the hammer blows meted out in the previous tracks this is measured, delicate and hauntingly beautiful; like a broken bell wringing over an empty playground. ‘S.O.S’, a pumping, old-school-as-dirt, 80’s throwback that sounds uncannily like attribute to guitar/synth master Parallax: which basically sounds like writing the theme track for a kickass, white-knuckle, spaceship dogfight. Oh yeah. While the 1.20-1.50 minute mark on ‘Society of the Spectacle’ is so delicious it’s actually almost frightening; a perfect delicacy in a mashed-up smorgasbord of soundsketches.

Of course it’s not all perfect, there are a few bum notes floating in the sweet symphony, but when it strikes the right ones it’s done so utterly damn well you can honestly forgive it any faults.

Experimental, challenging, even beautiful and without losing the essential element of being freaking awesome to rock out to. Finally, something worth spending our precious, hard earned dole money on.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You have been blind and wish to see. Theirs is the word and the word is Rave-Rock.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory




One Response to “South Central – Society of the Spectacle”
  1. Matt Gardner says:

    Good call with ‘The Day I Die’ – I thought much the same in my single review! Will certainly check the full release out, though…

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