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Stagecoach – Tony Hawk/Jonah Lomu

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Stagecoach – Tony Hawk/Jonah Lomu

NAME: Stagecoach
SINGLE: Tony Hawk/Jonah Lomu
DATE: 30May2011

LABEL: This Is Fake DIY Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Skateboarding, rugby and pop-orientated rock?

LOCATION: London, England

LINE UP: Luke Barham,Nick Tanner, John Harrington, Tom ‘Chop’ Lewis, Matt Emery


WHAT’S THE STORY?: In the underground circuit, Stagecoach are carving a strong reputation as purveyors of quirky pop-rock, and fans of the band will be sure to warmly receive this new double A side single.

Jonah Lomu is what Blur would sound like if they gave Rivers Cuomo permission to write their lyrics, while Tony Hawk follows suit with the kind of chorus that simply refuses to leave the listener’s head. There is nothing glamorous or sophisticated with Stagecoach’s output, yet their raw approach to song writing is what makes them so appealing.

SOUNDS LIKE: Weezer, Blur,ridiculousness.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’ve ever pondered: “Blur would be my favourite band if they just gained a sense of humour.”


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