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Stars Of The Search Party – Lost In The Dust Part II

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Stars Of The Search Party – Lost In The Dust Part II

NAME: Stars Of The Search Party
EP: Lost In The Dust Part II
DATE: 1January2010

LABEL: Buskers Hat Management


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Great energy meets haphazard execution.

LOCATION: Guildford, London

LINE UP: Rob Harral (Vocals), Steve Colman (Guitar/Vocals), Russ Poke (Guitar), Mark Edgeller (Synth/Vocals), Rob Dowell (Bass), Callum Terry-Short (Drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Young six-piece from Guildford currently generating some considerable hype and fan support as they head into their second ep release Lost in the Dust Part II, featuring the tracks ‘The Culprit’, ‘Ignorance At It’s Best’ and ‘Questions’.

SOUNDS LIKE: Things get off to a rocketing start, with the ‘The Culprit’ offering an absolutely blazing intro sequence, which sounds exactly like playing pinball while simultaneously flying an MiG-25 Foxbat though time and space. With Albert Einstein and Snake Pliskin for co-pilots. So pretty epic arcade-tinged cheese. Except, then the vocals kick in, something goes horribly wrong, and we all end up spinning through space together in a horrendous Time-Cop style nightmare, screaming in agony for the rest of eternity. Which isn’t so hot. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad, but what starts jangly and fresh is soon dragged into a whiny, screaming, embarrassing mess and, really, it’s only the group’s frenetic energy that stops it from fragmenting entirely.

This only continues as we move over to track two ‘Ignorance At It’s Best’ (Ironic title), which starts off with some interesting and sensitive guitar work, but then gradually lets itself get overpowered by a big sludgy wall of Dumb, which often seems calculated and silly rather than raw.

‘Questions’ brings it home with a flop – it’s simply a compound of every problem the preceding two tracks have, until it just becomes a discordant wall of noise that you just have to patiently wait for to end.

Their energy could probably carry it though in a live performance, but really the whole single could be likened to laying out a Zen garden and then ham-fistedly pouring concrete all over it. There is potential here, but you have to be prepared to dig for it.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’ve got some angry hopping, wailing and screaming to exorcise. Skinny Jeans and Checks are how you roll.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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