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Stephen Dale Petit – The Crave

July 26, 2010 by  

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Stephen Dale Petit – The Crave

NAME: Stephen Dale Petit
ALBUM: The Crave
DATE: 19July2010

LABEL: Universal Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Impressive guitars but little else


LINE UP: Stephen Dale Petit

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Although ‘The Crave’ is undeniably well produced and it contains some fantastic examples of Blues guitar, there seems to be a lack of direction in the album. Some tracks feel like out and out blues numbers, others with their gospel choirs feel like soul music, there are jazz numbers, while other tracks feel like classic rock. Though this attempt to bridge genres is admirable the lack of cohesion makes the album feel extremely disjointed and not all these genres are competently accomplished.

SOUNDS LIKE: A collection of singles designed to demonstrate Petit’s versatility rather than a record that flows.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like to be impressed by guitar riffs and the other musical components are less integral to your enjoyment


Submitted By Ruth_Franciszka_Wallbank




One Response to “Stephen Dale Petit – The Crave”
  1. Peter Town says:

    Terrible review! Clearly haven’t listened to the album, or if you have, you have absolutely no understanding of the genre of music you are listening too! Petit is a “New Blues” artist and although he is taking ideas from genres other than what would be considered as “Blues,” he has made a fantastic album that is appealing to a large variety of listeners. There are brilliant interpretations of songs such as: “California” as well as lots of great new material!

    Before anyone takes any notice of this review, why not search: “The Crave review” into google and read any of the other reviews online. At least they know what they are talking about and will give you a real idea of what this album is like!


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