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Syd Matters – River Sister

March 16, 2011 by  

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Syd Matters – River Sister

NAME: Syd Matters
SINGLE: River Sister
DATE: 14March2011

LABEL: Because Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Great In Every Fathomable Way

LOCATION: Paris, France

LINE UP: Jonathan Morali – Vocals, guitar, keyboard, Jean-Yves Lozac’h : Bass, Keyboard Olivier Marguerit : Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard, Flute Remi Alexandre : Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard Clement Carle : Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: ‘River Sister’ is the first single to be released from moustachioed Parisians Syd Matters forth album, ‘Brotherocean.’ (I see what they did there) Gathering a lot of interest on the continent, they’ve crossed the pond for a few successful gigs over here too and are looking to widen their fan base with this quaint, lilting single release.

SOUNDS LIKE: ‘River Sister’ is absolutely beautiful. Morali’s delicate Parisian twang floats lazily around delicately picked acoustics and slight flashes of folky electronica. The song is ethereal and gorgeous in every way, sounding as river-like as it’s title, hazy sunshine bouncing off their guitar strings. Beatles-ish breakdowns of layered vocals add slight trippy nuances to the song. Very gradually the song builds to an electronic soundscape reminiscent of Animal Collective at their best. Aaahh that’s nice. This is the aural equivalent of a nice cup of tea on a sunny day with just the tiniest drop of acid thrown in to make things interesting.

The B-side, ‘One By One’ is just as gorgeous, totally different and a tad more French sounding with handclaps and whistles punctuating a tune that could almost be described as ‘jaunty.’ OK. OK, I’m gushing here but really, these tracks are that good, evoking subtle imagery of flowing water and unashamed hippy-ish love for nature. Melancholy enough to not become trite, with these songs Syd Matters are onto something good, there is much to look forward to on their latest album.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you have any semblance of taste in music


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