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Tellison – The Wages Of Fear

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Tellison – The Wages Of Fear

NAME: Tellison
ALBUM: The Wages Of Fear
DATE: 13June2011



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Intelligent doses of catchy indie-pop.

LOCATION: London, England

LINE UP: Henry S Danowski, Stephen H Davidson, Peter J Phillips, Andrew J Tickell.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Every so often, there is an album that transcends the limitations of a genre and implores people to depart their musical safety zones; The Wages of Fear achieves just that.

The record congeals ethereal melodies with solemn lyricism to offer the kind of musical depth that is seldom heard from Britain’s indie bands.

‘Get On’ immediately sets a high standard that the record continues to sustain throughout its 13 tracks. Balancing introspective lyrics with irresistible pop hooks, the song is able to hold a purposeful theme while remaining accessible.

Tellison are also unafraid of accentuating their pop sensibilities to a higher extent, with ‘Say Silence (Heaven and Earth)’ and ‘Collarbone’ featuring choruses that The Futureheads only wish they could mastermind.

When the Londoners up the intensity they are equally as impressive. This is exemplified with ‘Horses’, which generally adopts a more guitar-focused, aggressive musical stance and is certain to become a live favourite.

To demonstrate their own adroitness, ‘Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart’ is the album’s most melancholic offering and may be its most memorable. Clocking in at 2:47, the anecdotal ballad explores the ordinarily insipid task of visiting a dentist, yet it still manages to overflow with endearing emotion.

If Tellison can recount a dentist appointment and turn it into something utterly compelling, what can’t they do?

SOUNDS LIKE: Idlewild, The Futureheads, Jimmy Eat World.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: If you’re searching for wonderfully sincere chronicles of British life that simply ingrain themselves into your head.


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